Thursday, November 8, 2007

On a Beach in Waunakee

Wisconsin Luau. 1946. The silver haired gentleman playing steel guitar is the middle is
Jack Pennywell. He was born in Stoughton. Madison was his home. He was a steel guitar virtuoso who played all the great theaters in all the great cities. He cut several sides for the legendary Paramount Records - a premiere blues record label in Grafton, Wisconsin. Here, he's showing his Hawaiian side. Beside him, also on steel guitar, is multi-instrumentalist George Gilbertson in his pre Goose Island Rambler days. I once saw George drink an entire pitcher of beer while simultaneously fiddling the fast break from The Orange Blossom Special. He finished the song AND the last drop of beer on the final note. Now that's what we pay our money for!.... with a special Wisconsin twist.

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