Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wisconsin....1,000,000 BC

Carole has been working very hard in helping me imagine Wisconsin's prehistoric landscape. The accuracy is mind boggling. She's pictured above with Victor Mature, an actor who's only Wisconsin connection is his appearance with Green Bay Packer legend Ray Nitschke in Head, a 1968 film starring The Monkees. And speaking of the Monkees and the Packers, former Packer running back Eric Torkelson is the brother of Monkee Peter Tork. I promise some even more amazing Packer/Monkee factoids in the near future.
In case you wanted to know, Wisconsin was very cold and partially covered with Ice in 1,000,000 BC. From about 80,000 BC to about 10,000 BC it would know three stages of glaciation that together make up the Wisconsin Glaciation - the last great glacial cycle in North America.


Javaroast said...

Eric isn't Peter's brother


Anonymous said...

You may be right, but in '70's I can remember this as being said about Eric.