Tuesday, March 4, 2008

AMC #2 ....The 1970 AMC AMX

Nothing like watching an AMC AMX dust a Camaro or a Mustang or any other wannabe. Here's a cool video of a 1970 super stock AMX in a qualifying run. Listen to the engine..... I haven't heard that sound since high school. Cool wheelie bars too.
In general, another timeless Wisconsin built classic.
The AMX was named "Best Engineered Car of the Year" in 1969 and 1970 by the American Society of Automotive Engineers. In presenting the award, they cited its many industry firsts. It wasn't the first of AMC's "firsts". The Kenosha based company was easily the most innovative of American auto builders. It had to be...it was the smallest. It was also built in a state with a legacy of being first in all things automobile (click here).
The AMX name means "American Motors eXperimental". The car was basically a modified Javelin.
The 1966 AMX was the first American steel-bodied, two seat production model since the 1957 Ford Thunderbird. It was priced at $3,245. In short order, the King of Speed,
Craig Breedlove and his brother, Lee, pushed the new AMX to 106 world speed records.
Also, and as is usual with all things Wisconsin, the car was way too innovative and impossible to classify...
"The problem with classifying the AMX is that it not be a true muscle car because of its small size, or even a pony car because it does not seat four passengers; however, it was the only true steel-bodied two-seat American-built sports car on the market and represented the height of American Motor Company performance."
The AMX found its greatest success on the dragstrip, where it held the Super Stock champion title for many years.
The 1970 AMC AMX was the best version yet of this blend of muscle car and sports car and it was also, unfortunately, the last true AMX.

George Barris, creator of The Munster Coach, Dragula, The Batmobile, The Monkeemobile, The Paul Revere and the Raiders Wagon, etc etc., customized a 1969 AMX for the George Peppard TV series, Banacek...it became known as the AMX-400.
Here it is...Big thanks to "Tosa Steve"


steven said...

My indelible AMX Moment #1:

Imagine 1972 ranch house Racine: My sister's troubled teenage friend Cheryl is smoking weed with her grease monkey brother Al in the back seat of his red, white, and blue '68 Breedlove AMX. The car is up on blocks in the oil-stained driveway of their crappy house. A blown 390 AMX engine is dangling from the garage rafters. Their father, in tie and short sleeves, is just laying into them - "Jeezuz Christ! Lay off the pot and show some respect!". Al crawls out of the car, stands up, and gives his dad the finger as he walks away. Cheryl cackles in the back seat. I'm 7 years old and watching this from a tree fort in a vacant lot across the street. It's frozen in time. Pompei on Imperial Drive.

Tosa Steve

Bobby said...

When cars do wheelies, everyone wins!