Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Covered By Time #1....Shogun

Douglas MacArthur ruled post war Japan as Shogun, King, Father figure, absolute Dictator and God. In the immediate aftermath of Japan's defeat, The Emperor of Japan -viewed as a living God on earth, literally "of heaven" - had bowed to him in public. This single act ensured MacArthur a lofty place in the Japanese psyche, a place where he was very comfortable. Most agree that he was good King. His progressive policies propelled Japan out of war ruin and laid the foundation for it's eventual economic resurgence. Now here's the funny part...During the 1948 American Presidential election, supporters put MacArthur's name on Republican Party primary ballots in a number of states only to be crushed by a final lopsided defeat in his old home state of Wisconsin. I guess we don't like Kings. In his last years, the old General supposedly gave President Kennedy this bit of hard-learned advice from his up and down Korean War experience......"Never get involved in a land war in Asia".
Speaking of Kennedy, here's a forgotten post in which
he explains Wisconsin's role in changing the entire primary system - making it what it is today (click). JFK was a major Wisconsinologist. Type "Kennedy" in the search bar and you'll see why.

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