Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lynchings In Wisconsin...a verified list

Wisconsin was the first state in the union to get rid of the death penalty. In spite of this, unruly mobs resorted to their own brand of justice well into the late 1800's. What follows is a verified list of mostly white on white trash violence. Incidents are listed by date, name of victim, town or city, county, alleged offense, race or ethnicity, and finally - type of mob.

July 4, 1849, Indian, Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Murderous Assault, Indian, Unknown

February, 1854, Frederick Cartwright, Waushara County, Murder, White, Mass

July 12, 1855, David F. Mayberry, Rock County, Murder, White, Mass

August 7, 1855, George DeBar, Washington County, Murder and Murderous Assault, White, Mass

September 6, 1861, Marshall Clark, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Murder and Murderous Assault, Black, Mass

September 26, 1868, John Nevel, Richland Center, Richland County, Murder, White, Mass

September, 1869, Indian, New Lisbon, Juneau County, Murder, Indian, Private

September 16, 1869, William H. Spain, Portage, Columbia County, Murder, White, Mass

September 18, 1869, Patrick Wildrick, Portage, Columbia County, Murder and Robbery, White, Private

May, 1871, a butcher, Oconto, Oconto Co., Murder, White, Mass

October, 1875, Isiah and Amos Courtwright, Steven's Point, Portage County, Murder, White, Private

November 19, 1881, Edward Maxwell (alias Williams), Durand, Pepin County, Murder, White, Mass

October 16, 1884, Nathaniel “Scotty” Mitchell, La Crosse, La Crosse Co., Murder, White, Mass

June 8, 1888, Andrew Grandstaff, Viroqua, Vernon County, Murder, White, Mass

November 24, 1889, Hans Jacob Olsen, Town of Preston, Trempeleau County, Violence against his Family, White, Private

September 21, 1891, Anton Sieboldt, Darlington, Lafayette County, Murder, White, Mass


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Anonymous said...

There is a photograph in the University of Wisconsin digital archives taken by the Taylor Brothers Photographic Studio (Adams County) in 1912 captioned "The Hanging of Percy Hand on Stout's Marsh." This scene looks real, but I think it is a spoof; no documentation exists of this hanging/lynching and, according to your records, no lynchings are known to have taken place in Wisconsin after the late 1880s. Correct?

Anonymous said...

The 1912 photograph of Percy Hand looks like a spoof to me. You can find a Percy C Hand at the Find a Grave site. He died in 1960, is buried near where the photograph was taken, and would have been about the right age.