Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buried Treasure #1...assorted tales, assault with a crowbar and washed up coins

French explorers are said to have buried a large bag of gold Indian artifacts, found on an Indian mound, at the East and Black Fork junction of the Black River, by Hatfield Village in Jackson County. Wisconsin is the burial/effigy mound capital of North America. There was a time when they were everywhere and in plain site. The larger conical mounds would tempt any would be grave robbers. Hatfield is an unincorporated community founded by Norbert St. Germaine in 1836 and is best known as the home of Mitchell Redcloud, Jr. - Ho Chunk warrior and Korean War Medal of Honor recipient.

A wagon of gold, worth $200,000, is supposedly buried in a swampy area south of Balsam Lake. It lies seven miles northeast of St. Croix Falls. It belonged to miners returning from Montana. Their treasure laden wagon sank in quicksand-like soil due to heavy rains. Huh??? I know of sphagnum bogs in this area, but quicksand? Here's a possible related news item from Balsam Lake...
A Polk County Sheriff's Deputy had to fire a shot at a Balsam Lake man he says was trying to hit him with a crowbar. It started last Tuesday when deputies say Martin Chapman was trying to pay for gas with silver coins and was causing problems at the gas station. When the officer tried to pull him over, he fled. Investigators say he stopped at a house, got a crowbar and refused to drop it. The officer tasered and pepper-sprayed Chapman, but says he didn't stop and threatened the deputy with the crowbar until the deputy fired a shot.The sheriff says Chapman wasn't hit but pretended to be. He's facing attempted battery to an officer.
The sheriff says Chapman considers himself a sovereign citizen and tried to pay his $35,000 cash bond with 30 silver pieces.

On the lake front of the city of Superior, old gold gold coins have been found. They come from the sunken ship, Benjamin Noble, which was carrying over $100.000 in gold coins at the time of it's sinking. The ship, recklessly overloaded with iron rails, went down in a blinding snowstorm off the Duluth/Superior shore in 1914.

Portage -In 1953, a boy swimming in the Wisconsin River, found three ten pound gold bars on the east river bank half a mile south of Portage. The source of this wealth was a riverboat that sank in 1870 with $100,000 in gold on board.

One mile south of De Soto, artifacts and coins are found washed up along the shore of the Mississippi River. A sunken paddlewheel steamer, the remains of which are sometimes visible at low tide, is the source of the treasure.

Sam "Samoots" Amatuna
,one of the many presidents of the Unione Siciliana and a frequent Wisconsin visitor is said to have buried $50,000 in paper currency wrapped in a canvas bundle just north of Pell Lake. He didn't live long enough to collect his stash. He was shot while sitting in a barbers chair in Chicago. Amatuna is also the supposed source of a hidden trove of buried silver coins in the same area.


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