Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lost and Forgotten Beer Brands of Wisconsin....Official Master List

Attention my fellow Wisconsinites. I'm compiling a master list of long lost and recently lost Wisconsin Beer Brands. This is a subject near and dear to my heart as I recently suffered the worst possible blow that can befall a Wisconsinite....I've become allergic to beer. My brother, a wine industry veteran for over 30 years described the process, "..for some people, drinking beer is like mainlining histamines." Back to topic. I'm inviting any and all suggestions to be made in the comments section. The master list will be lined up right here in this post and become fodder for a future ongoing in depth series. I already know that the sheer size and beauty of this list will make all beer making posers worldwide get on their knees and cry. As for my condition, I can only hope for a cure and maybe a telethon...
starring Lawrence Duchow and the Red Raven Orchestra, Robin and the Three Hoods, Romy Gosz, George Liberace, closeup magic from Orson Welles, presented by Big John Schermerhorn, some street poetry from Roundy Coughlin, Jerry Dean at the anchor desk, TV stars Albert the Alley Cat and Dr. Cadavarino, announcer Ray Scott, and so much more....


donutdunker said...

Jungs, Northern, Medford Black Label, Chief Oshkosh, Breunigs, Hillsboro Beer from Hillsboro Wisconsin, Potosi, Duncan Springs, Calumet Beer, Stragg, Ashland Beer, I've got more. Later

Anonymous said...

Make sure you include The Little Blue Crunchy Things from Milwaukee--a college favorite in Madtown in the 90s. E.Lee

George H. said...

Well, what would such a list be without Hussa Brewery, Bangor, Wisconsin, where the original building was just recently razed, including the caverns.

Exaggerato said...

I've got a few to add:

*Peerless Amber
*Golden Glow
*20th Century Pale Ale
*Fountain Brew
*Red Ribbon
*Wisconsin Valley

adman said...

hartigs special
gunds peerless from la crosse??
marshfield beer!
marathon lager
in the "b" column-
blumers golden glow
blue stag

Douglas McCloud said...

Let us not forget one of the most fun and unique beers from the late 1970's: Blatz Light Cream Ale. Sold in 8 packs of 8 oz green bottles.

There was a great book, Breweries of Wisconsin, out about 10 years ago. It is somewhere in my home office, quite a trip down memory lane. Everytown at one time, seemed to have a brewery.

Steve said...

How can you live here and be allergic to beer?

Buckhorn and Point, when you're really looking for the most for your money, at least in terms of quantity.


liz64 said...

Bullfrog Beer. My dad drank Bullfrog at our cabin in Three Lakes. Was that brewed in Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

MilwArtKnob here.

There was Lithia Brewery in West Bend, Wisconsin. I don't know when they ceased operation. However, I do know that the old building was just converted to condominiums.

Al said...


Anonymous said...

Steulzen and beimer bock. I have two cans from my grandfathers garage. You need a church key to open them.

Jill and Kevin said...

Kevin can't drink beer any more either!! Isn't that horrible???? He has Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, so no wheat, rye, and barley. He misses beer the most.

flasputnik said...

It's a foreign plot to undermine the very fabric of our state. Keep an eye out for suspicious looking Minnesotans.

Anonymous said...

As for all the great old-time regional beers still offered under their classic name, the brewers ought to consolidate them all under one banner to save cost and clarify their message.

I suggest the brand name "Piss". I'd probably buy a six-pack just to display.

From Wikipedia:

Defunct Companies

A number of brands of Wisconsin beer are no longer made by independent companies.

Ashland Brewing Company - Ashland
Binzel Beverage Company - Oconomowoc
Black River Falls Brewery/Badger Brewing Company - Black River Falls
Bruenig Brewery - Jefferson
Bucher Brewery - Oconomowoc
Burlington Brewing Company - Burlington
Valentin Blatz Brewing Company - Milwaukee
Cedarburg Brewing Company - Cedarburg
Central City Brewery - Stevens Point
Chief Oshkosh Brewing - Oshkosh
Electric City Brewing - Kaukauna
Ellenberger Brewery - Stevens Point
Engels Brewing Company - Thiensville
Engels and Schaeffer Brewing Company - Cedarburg
John Ernst Brewing Company/Princeton Brewing Company - Prescott
Farmer's Brewery - Beaver Dam
A. Gettelman Brewing Company - Milwaukee
Grafton Brewing Company - Grafton
Jacob Grubb Brewery - Oconomowoc
J. Hartz Brewing Company - Thiensville
G. Heileman Brewing Company - La Crosse
Frederick Lugviel Brewery - Oconomowoc
Joseph Huber Brewing Company - Monroe
Kuhl brewery - Stevens Point
Neosho Brewery - Neosho
Northern Brewing Company - Superior
Oconomowoc Brewing Company - Oconomowoc
Polish Brewery - Stevens Point
Port Washington Brewing Company - Port Washington
Port Washington Malt Company - Port Washington
Potosi Brewing Company - Potosi
Rhinelander Brewing Company - Rhinelander
Walter Brewing Co. - Eau Claire
Walter A. Ross Brewery - Oconomowoc
Spaeth's City Brewery - Fort Atkinson
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company - Milwaukee
Robert Schwalbach Brewery - Newberg
John Weber Brewing Company - Grafton
White Cap Brewing Company - Two Rivers
Wittman Brewery - Port Washington
Franz Zimmerman Brewery/Mequon Brewery - Mequon

Anonymous said...

what about Rahrs out of manitowoc

Brad said...

Premo - Port Washington

Anonymous said...

Allow me to put in another plug for Rhinelander Beer, nectar of my homeland.

Although the wiki entry cited above lists Rhinelander Brewing Company as a defunct brewing company, let me assure readers that Minhas Craft Brewery, formerly the Jos. Huber Brewery, DOES still manufacture Rhinelander and Rhinelander Light. I have an unopened can right next to me.

True, Rhinelander no longer is available in 12-oz returnable bottles - it was up until 4 or so years ago - but it is available in cans.

Mary Catherine said...

Certainly Howie Sturtz would be on the docket for the telethon.

Gary Tremble said...

Rahr's Beer was from Green Bay Wisconsin Called The Green Bay Brewing Co.
Rahr Brewery, located at 1317-1331 Main Street was the first brewery to locate within the city limits. Henry Rahr began the business in 1866 and it became the longest running brewery in Green Bay operating until 1966. It closed briefly during prohibition and reopened afterwards. On August 3, 1887 one of the worst industrial
accidents in the city’s history occurred at Rahr’s. There was an explosion and six workers were killed. The one hundred year old business’s red label with a white
crest was well known throughout this part of Wisconsin.

Hagemeister Brewing
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States Opened: 1866
Closed: 1920
Hagemeister Brewery was started in 1866 by Franz H. Hagemeister, Whitney, Mertz and Klaus. The brewery was located on Main Street just outside the city of Green Bay limits in the Town of Preble. It never reopened after prohibition ended

Blesch Brewery was started by Francis Blesch in 1850 after he immigrated from Germany in 1849. Blesch had been trained in brewing and cooperage (making of barrels) in his native country. The brewery ran until shortly after his death in 1875. The building was razed in 1998 and at that time was the oldest known industrial building in the city of Green Bay. At the time of operation it was located outside the city Green Bay limits.

Hochgreve Brewery
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States Opened: 1857
Closed: 1949

Anonymous said...

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Mueller said...

Mueller Brewery, 2rivers, WI
How about Fox Deluxe?

Debbie said...

Also Berlin Beer, brewed in Berlin Wisconsin, not to be misunderstood as New Berlin. Berlin and New Berlin are two separate cities...

TimMathis said...

My parents used to take us up in the early 1960's to Land O'Lakes to see my grandparents. One of the beers they would pick up in the north woods was called Cabin Craft. Anyone remember that? I think they served it at the old Tijuana restaurant/bar which had a man who played the piano back then.

Anonymous said...

People's Beer of Oshkosh.

First African-American owned brewery.

Anonymous said...

Plymouth Beer From the Plymouth Brewery Plymouth WI. better known as Hub City

Anonymous said...

Plymouth Beer From the Plymouth Brewery Plymouth WI. better known as Hub City

mlr said...

Along with Effinger Brewery, Baraboo also had Ruhland Brewery. Ruhland Brewing Co. opened in 1902 and closed in 1915.

Dave Martin said...

Dave from lone star tx. as a kid in Beloit I and friends drank bullfrog beer at the parties we had. It wasn't made on the east coast.

Kirk said...

Kingsbury was brewed in Manitowoc until maybe the 1960's? I think? I'm too young to remember.

Blackduckminnesota (Ed) said...

Add the two breweries from Portage, Wisconsin -- Epstein and Eulbergs!

Scott Thompson said...

If not already mentioned, there are:
Jefferson Brewery, Jefferson, Wi
Baur and Breunig, Durand, Wi
Bloomer Beer, Bloomer, Wi.
Breunig's Lager, Rice Lake Brewing Co.