Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brandy Old Fashioned....a reposting for the holidays

By popular demand. E-mails have demanded that I reprint this excellent post on Brandy Old Fashioneds complete with aa official Wisconsinology approved and tested recipe. That's our very own Carole Landis in the photo below enjoying our state's greatest drink. As always, she looks fantastic.

This has happened to me in Chicago, San Francisco, Kansas City, Los Angeles, NYC. I go into a bar and ask for my favorite drink (also known as Wisconsin's proudest moment of liquid defiance) "Brandy old fashioned.....sour." The bartender will always shake his head and say, "Never heard of it". Not to worry. I always carry the recipe in my wallet. Remember, if you are from Wisconsin, it's your duty to drink this drink. No other state, except the U.P.(which is ours anyway) has a clue. It's # 3 on my list of 128 things that make us different. In the above picture, Wisconsinology Co-Editor Carole Landis is seen enjoying this distinct and delicious drink. Here it is...and yes there can be slight variations.

with an 8 -10 oz Old Fashioned glass (a rocks glass)

Add 1 sugar cube and soak it in angostura bitters - saturate the cube - no more,no less.

a splash of soda. Sweet =7-up Sour = Grapefruit soda or Grafs 50/50

Muddle the sugar/bitters/soda mixture until frothy. Please use a muddler. This is so important.

wait 15 seconds. The frothy mixture needs air time.

Add 2 -3oz of good brandy. I prefer Korbel. One quick stir(optional).

fill glass with ice and top off with earlier choice of soda (sweet or sour)

Garnish with cherries, orange, lemon, or broccoli

Lift glass, think about Robert La Follette and Fuzzy Thurston. Say something
German, Polish, Waloon, Dutch, Hmong, Spanish, Norwegian, Welsh, Irish, Icelandic, Danish, French Canadian, Swiss, Slovenian,bohemian, Finnish,Ukranian, Russian, etc etc etc etc you get the picture.

A word about Brandy consumption. For over a hundred years Wisconsin was the King. Recently however, the District of Columbia(?????) stole our crown. Why? Because of a massive hip hop based PR campaign in D.C. during the 90's and because of apathy and cluelessness among our younger residents (who have no respect for history or tradition and drink crap like Captain Morgan Rum). Nonetheless, Korbel still ships over 40% of it's total yearly output to Wisconsin....'s a tight race. We can get our crown back. We still spend more money on the stuff than anyone else. Madison takes the honors as our Brandy consumption center.
Never ever drink and drive. Instead, demand that the State subsidize your long closed neighborhood taverns and open them back up so you can drink and walk, watch Packer and Badger games and socialize the way your ancestors meant you to socialize - with happiness and goodwill and bitter hatred for the Michigan Wolverines. It's called Gemutlichheit and I can't type umlauts.


Jill and Kevin said...

This happened to us once. We were on a cruise out of Miami with Kevin's brother Randy and his then wife. Randy ordered a brandy old-fashioned on the cruise ship and they looked at him like he had two heads!!!

JasonInMadison said...

I regularly have a whiskey old fashioned at the bar. Sadly, it's a dying drink...though I do my best to hype it around.

Anonymous said...

This is THE correct way to make a brandy old fashioned! Thanks for posting!

Drew said...

This is how I learned how to make an Old Fashioned as a bartender at the Red Ox supper club (another Wisconsin tradition) in Appleton, Wisconsin in the mid-80s. Our customers would settle for no less! On a routine Friday night, bet I made 250 of these.

Robert Blahut said...

two things, i don't particularly care for brandy. it seems like a strange thing to do to grapes, so don't count on me to help the brandy consumption numbers go up in wisconsin again. and once i went on a date and we went to a wisconsin supper club, where my date had worked. she ordered a southern comfort old fashion sweet. made my teeth hurt just to think about it