Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fictional Characters from Wisconsin #5 - Christopher Walken as Duane from ANNIE HALL

Annie Hall is a fictional girl from Chippewa Falls Wisconsin - birthplace of the Cray supercomputer (the machines featured in the novel Jurassic Park) and home of Leinenkugel Beer. I prefer to focus on her brother, Duane, played by Christopher Walken.
Fictional characters abound in the former lumber railroad center.  Chippewa Falls is the birthplace and hometown of Jack Dawson in TITANIC, Dr. Jennifer Keller of STARGATE ATLANTIS, and Dorothy McGuire's character in TILL THE END OF TIME.


John Foust said...

In the novel, three Cray X-MPs provide the park's computing power. I don't think they were in the movie, and they weren't the computers that made the dinosaurs.

The scene with the young girl playing with a computer who said "I know this, this is Unix" was running a demo of a 3D file system browser that shipped with SGI IRIX workstations. In another scene, a Thinking Machines CM-5/512 showed its array of scary red blinking lights.

The computer-generated dinos in the movie were created by ILM with Alias PowerAnimator software running on Silicon Graphics Inc. workstations, netting the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

flasputnik said...

Thanks, John! I stand corrected and have made the correction.