Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wisconsin, the Enemy State

On this date in history the United States congress voted to denounce Robert La Follette and 9 other Wisconsin congressmen for opposing American entry into World War I. La Follette opposed a violent tide of war fever that swept the nation and Wisconsin was branded an enemy state. The war was pointless, about absolutely nothing other than senseless slaughter, and, for the most part, our people could see that with a rare clarity. How ironic that our Red Arrow Division had to put a fork into the entire damned enterprise by cracking the Siegfried line wide open. Once again, like Russ Feingold did when we entered the equally pointless Iraq War, Wisconsin stood on the side of sanity. The US congress wasn't through with the Badger state. Prohibition, an all out attack on our beer culture in the form of the 18th amendment, was just around the corner for this country. Both WW I and prohibition were disasters of a magnitude that would touch later generations in the form of WWII and the birth of wide scale organized crime. May we always be doubters,
independent and forward thinking.

The excerpt below is courtesy our wonderful State Historical Society and it's website.

 The move to denounce Sen. Robert LaFollette and the nine Wisconsin congressmen who refused to support World War I failed in the State Assembly, by a vote of 76-15. Calling LaFollette "disloyal," the amendment's originator, Democrat John F. Donnelly, insisted that LaFollette's position did not reflect "the sentiment of the people of Wisconsin. We should not lack the courage to condemn his actions." Reflecting the majority opinion, Assemblyman Charles F. Hart retorted that "The Wisconsin State Legislature went on record by passing a resolution telling the President that the people of this state did not want war. Now we are condemning them for doing that which we asked them to do."


Anonymous said...

Gone from state and city (Milw) I love 20+ years. I occasionally check back here and was glad to see these posts running again. Congrats on some fine material.

Yes, it is now out of living memory how the German Midwest was divided on WW I. The resulting scare tamped down German culture and language in the state in a way not obviously for the better. Prohibition movement also had now forgotten anti- Catholic immigrant strains, with an obvious bearing on many Wisconsinites at that time.
Thanks again.

flasputnik said...

Thanks so much for reading my posts.

flasputnik said...

The entire point of my mis-titled book "wicked fox cities", is the 150 plus year struggle by immigrants against the Anglos(today they are called the tea party) who established this thing called "America", stole it from the original natives and defined themselves as the only beings worthy of being called Americans. Wisconsin was always an immense thorn in their side. May we continue to be just that.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind that the Anglos were immigrants just like the first immigrants they "stole" from.

Last time I read history I was told that the first immigrants didn't believe in owning Mother Earth.

Conflict in culture at a crossroad. Funny that all first immigrants now live like Anglos do, not like they did.

Progress? Maybe not. Was the last migration done like today's college professors would like it to have been done?

Don't rewrite history until you understand it.

Love your blog and glad it's back in action.

Wisconsin is unique. Just like the other 49 states.

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Um, don't understand the double spacing. Never happened B4.

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I get double spaced by this thing all the time. Thanks for reading and extra thanks for commenting.

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We need another "Fighting Bob."

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We have one but his mane is Scott.

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Dyslexia strikes again.

mane = name