Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When In China....ask for it by name

Just received this snap from Gordon Specht, on the road in China.
"Wisconsin Ginseng is the most potent Ginseng on the planet. No other Ginseng comes close."
Over 90% of the ginseng grown in the United States is grown in Wisconsin - most of it in Marathon County, Wisconsin. Sales average exceed 70 million dollars a year. Not bad. It's also an industry with a long history in the Badger State that goes something like this....
The Fromm brothers lived in the town of Hamburg, not far from Wausau, in Marathon County. In 1904 they transplanted 100 wild ginseng plants from a nearby forest onto their own land. They carefully grew their new crop by recreating the conditions of the plant's native setting. The brother's diligent work and ideal area growing conditions would eventually make Marathon County the ginseng capital of the United States.

This week, the Ginseng Board of Wisconsin signed an agreement with the Beijing-based Tong Ren Tang Health Pharmaceutical, to use the trademark seal on their purchases of Wisconsin ginseng from the Marathon-based Ginseng & Herb Co-op over the next 10 years, The Ginseng Board of Wisconsin brand is registered in several Asian countries, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

Cool, never imagined.

John Mitchell said...

My brother goes to China all the time and he says the business people he deals with there ask him to bring some of that Wisconsin Ginger with him, as it is so prized over there.

baker said...

thanks about this posts

Anonymous said...

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